The moment you walk into Moe’s Sport Shop you realize you are in a unique and special place. The store itself is part history, and the products are unquestionably Michigan. I count myself fortunate to work at Moe’s in the mid 70’s and was profoundly influenced by my experiences there, and the people and values I learned. Being in the hub the campus was certainly a plus, which added a certain dynamic energy to the atmosphere.

I worked with Harold Trick (former owner) Bud Van DeWege Sr. (then current owner) Buddy, (his son) Marty (lead sales) and a host of others. Bud Van Dewedge reminded me of a cross between John Wayne and Cary Grant. He was quick witted, dressed neatly and kept the store on an even keel. You knew he was in charge, but without being overly demanding. When he hired me as a high school kid, all he knew about me was that I was enthusiastic and enjoyed sports. After a brief interview he and asked “When could I start?”

Bud wanted the store to be clean, to really shine, to have an inviting atmosphere, all within the confines of a very old historic building. He pulled it off and the old glass and walnut shelves didn’t detract from the atmosphere, it only added a special ambiance. Treat the customer right, be polite, if you need to take a break, wait for lunchtime. Bud could defuse an angry person easily and have them calm and collected within minutes. Usually they walked out satisfied with their purchase, and many times bought a few extra items not on their list.

Bud was a true salesman and during the time I was there, the store ran well. He handled the public with care, took pride in his store, and truly loved the University of Michigan. His connections that ran deep and from time to time, coaches, players, fans and curiosity seekers all graced the doors of Moe’s. He had a strong faith, took pride in his family, his town, and made lasting impressions on most of the people he met.

Bud would count money faster than I thought humanly possible. The coins would flow through his fingers and he would have a register count done in a mater of moments. I never tried that, fearing a complete disaster, but his count was certainly amusing.

Moe’s carried a variety of sporting goods and through the years the focus had become a leader in quality sportswear. Back in the day Moe’s carried tennis rackets, tennis balls, basketballs, footballs, and shoes, running spikes, you name it and it may have been carried at one time or another. At one time they would even restring tennis rackets, I think this because Bud was a tennis fan.

A team could get special orders for uniforms, shoes or custom printed shirts. Surplus items went to the back room or the basement. A trip to the basement was a trip to the sporting worlds version of the Smithsonian. There was stuff in the corner that I’m sure was there when the store opened in the 20’s, spooky at times.
Quality was a very critical part of Moe’s image. The t-shirts were of premium quality and we had blue boxes stamped Champion everywhere. In the back room, the basement, but out on the sales floor the shirts were neatly folded and put in the respected walnut cabinet. Nike, Puma and Converse shoes were the best sellers. We fitted the shoes for the customer, and prayed they had clean feet, especially after lunch.

I worked at the store when the Diag had various events, and this brought in a wide variety of individuals and characters. Game day brought a rush before the game, then at calm before the storm, and of course the after game rush. The Hash Bash brought the most unique individuals, with the wind in the right direction, well that’s another story all together.

What I didn’t know about a particular sport, I got a quick primer in the working knowledge of various things sporting. It helped to have a background in sports since my house was filled with sports fans and part because I participated in a wide range of sporting activities. A good example of this was that one Christmas break my dad and I watched every bowl that was on TV, the beginning of a true sport junkie.

At Moe’s that background came in handy except in one area, that was selling Danskin leotards. I was totally out of my element and I had only a vague idea what they were used for. I felt embarrassed trying to help someone find the right size, and with the amount we sold it felt like every other coed was either taking dance, yoga or ballet.

A similar embarrassment but altogether different product was when a young man was trying to buy an athletic supporter. I could tell the kid was not comfortable with this issue as he was mumbling to one of the salesmen what he needed. Without a thought one of the salesman yelled across a packed store “ Hey Marty, do we have any jock straps in men’s small?” I thought the kid was going to have heart attack right on the spot, I had to go to the back room to look for an imaginary shoe just so I didn’t bust out in uncontrollable laughter. The poor kid probably played football without his coveted supporter, and maybe today is without kids.

Being just a few doors down from Drakes made it a huge temptation to spend some of my hard earned money on some of their tasty treats. I would walk on by most of the time, but every now and then I would stop in for their famous lime aide. It was always fresh squeezed, not too sweet, and just the right amount of ice. Oh so good.

To get to work in the summer I would ride my motorcycle through town and park in a tiny hint of a spot at the back door of Moe’s. I would literally fly down the alley and jump off my bike to keep my “on time” record intact. A few times I startled some folks coming or going but no animals or people were injured.

I worked as manager of the Little Moe’s for a summer, and the pl
ace was a little more relaxed at that location. Little Moe’s was close to many athletic facilities and brought in a different clientele. Sometimes I would see Shaky Jake near the store playing his guitar and singing his version of the blues. He would stop for a short chat and be on his way playing around at different locations throughout town. I still enjoy the blues today.

I don’t know if Bud realized it but I was born a few blocks from that store. In fact how many people can say they were born (not conceived) because of a Michigan Football game? The doctors said my due date on Saturday and that was not a good because of the traffic on game day. I was brought out on Thursday and that made the doctors feel much better, that my safety was insured. Never mind they were all season ticket holders.

Having Moe’s sell all things Michigan was a natural for my family. My dad went to the School of Engineering, did Michigan football films and I taught school across the street from the stadium. This connection made Moe’s a wonderful place to work, and I’m certainly thankful I had that opportunity.

With a great school and the football team turning the corner with more winning seasons on the horizon, I hope Moe’s continues on for many years. Go Blue!

Ken H - Greenville, MI

My first trip to Moe's was this year because of a bet I won with a co-worker MSU fan. After Jim Harbaugh was hired, I predicted that Michigan would finish no worse than 8-4 in 2015. He flatly disagreed and predicted 5-7, just like 2014. The bet was that the loser buy the winner's choice of jersey. My choice was a Navy #1 Michigan jersey. After the season ended with Michigan at 9-3, he begrudgingly gave me the money to buy the jersey, I bought it from Moe's that weekend and wore it to work the next Monday. The great part about it was that while I was trying on the jersey, a Michigan fan and his daughter were in the store and commented on it being Anthony Carter's number. I'm a younger guy, 32 so I told him that for me growing up, it was David Terrell's number, but AC was the first. We ended up talking Michigan football for a bit with the cashier and it was just an awesome experience with other fans. A moment to really be proud of being a Michigan Wolverine fan.

Ray S - Grand Blanc

Love this store! The staff are so friendly and inviting!

Sabrina L - Ann Arbor

1967-I was a freshman Physical Education Major-the first day of classes and everyone but me was dressed in the uniform blue shorts and white shirt. That same day I went to Moe"s, purchased my uniform and my first and favorite navy blue T shirt. It was THE place to buy Michigan gear and whenever I am in Ann Arbor I make a point to stop in and see what is new.

Cathy M - Miami

I was beyond excited when I arrived in Ann Arbor and couldn't wait to show off my school pride! Everyone said that Moe's was the place, so I went the day I arrived to buy my first Michigan shirt. I know go there whenever I return to re-stock!

Deb N - East Greenwich, RI

It was summer of 1973 I was 14 and I lived across from the van de weges and bud sr hired me to work during the sidewalk days ....bud jr and I had a lot of fun

Thomas H - Cassopolis, MI

I am getting my first coffee Mug from Moe's and I am just getting started. Our little great granddaughter has been getting Michigan Wolverines clothes the last few years and her mom really like the wolverines too!
Coach Harbaugh was talking about Moe's and when he was young. I have been really impressed with his comments. I love the downtown area and I will always love it and hopefully making it to Moe's to get my Michigan Football items. Thank you. 

Bruce D. M - Toledo, Ohio

I grew up in Ann Arbor. Born at U of M and raised attending football games. I wanted to BE a Michigan Wolverine football player until my dad told me I would have to have a pretty big and strong neck to play! I settled for being a student in the school of nursing at U of M, running some XC and rowing for a year. My Moe's memory is of buying my Adidas tennis shoes there as a kid. It was a BIG deal! I remember the creek of the wooden floor. Later, as a student, I remember buying a #16 football jersey. I wore it to all the games and eventually handed it down to my eldest son when he began at Michigan in the fall of 2013! He wears it to all the games now. His brother started at U of M this fall of 2015. I moved to Bend, OR in 2007 and didn't know Moe's was back!!! I saw on the news tonight that it is open! Made my day and brought back good memories. So glad my boys and family bring me back home often.

Karen H - Bend

My grandpa and my dad went to U of M. As I was growing up we had season football and basketball tickets. I remember going to Moe's quite often as we would go to Ann arbor for the games. I miss those days and wish I could go back in time for one game with both my dad and Grandpa.

Malinda N - Knoxville

I got my very 1st piece of wolverine gear here and every piece since. Would love a mini shopping spree GO BLUE!!!

Travis K - Dayton, OH

My first MICHIGAN jersey I ever bought was from Moe's. In 1975 I bought a number 7 jersey.

Gerry S - Comstock Park

I was a regular shopper at Moe's during my college days. My first purchase as a freshman was a Michigan hockey sweatshirt, back when you pressed on the decals in the store. Still have that sweatshirt now (I won't say how many years). It's perfectly broken in, the Hockey logo long worn off. It was also a favorite among my roommates who often "borrowed" it for extended periods. Go Blue!

Carol O - Chicago

I first shopped at Moe's in 1975 when I visited Ann Arbor for the first time for freshman orientation. As an out of state student from Nebraska I did not have much in terms of Michigan gear so I visited the store and picked up a blue t-shirt with the standard Michigan maize letters. I went on to play for the Michigan soccer team that fall (club sport at the time) and the next two years as well. Whenever we visit Ann Arbor we usually find time to pick up new Meeechigan gear from Moe's. Happy 100th!

Chip F - Arlington, VA

With Moe's as a pleasant oasis so close to campus classrooms I would stop to shop between classes and all the "blue" would always please and inspire!

Clyde M - Perrysburg

First day on campus for freshman orientation(1992), you first got that rush of pride for being part of the University. On my first Michigan Football Saturday, me and my roommate actually sat on the bench outside Moe's early in the morning for a good hour, with Moe's playing Michigan Marching Band album. Moe was where I got my first Michigan sweatshirt. It's the perfect place to be buying M stuff before and after a game day.

Chuck L - Philadelphia

It was my first day on campus and I needed my first Michigan shirt. I heard that Moe's was the best play to go and so I sauntered over to North U. to see for myself. I was in wonder. I was amazed by the wooden shelves, and the maize and blue apparel, And, 48 years later, it is still the best place to go for Michigan goods.

Jeff B - East Lansing

My first visit to Moe Sport Shop was in the fall of 1965 after moving back to Michigan from Florida. I was born in Manchester to a passionate UM family. Moe's became my go-to shop for Michigan gear way back then and ever since it has been my favorite. When I enrolled at UM in 1968 I became a regular. After moving away each return trip to Manchester to visit family or Ann Arbor to see a game includes a visit to Moe's. My wife and daughters became regulars as well. They know every visit to Ann Arbor includes Moe's and the Washtenaw Dairy. My most memorable player meeting there was when I met Anthony Carter the day before an OSU game. Over the years I got to know Bud Senior and Bud Junior and I would kid Bud Junior that my Moe purchases had put him thru college. In a funny twist of fate I worked for awhile at a school in St. Louis where Bud Junior went to high school and would bring him gear! My most recent visit was for the Northwestern game in October and my brother and I made our pilgrimage to the Mecca of Moe Sport Shop for more Michigan gear. I'm wearing the hat I bought as I write this. Go Blue, and long live Moe Sport Shop!!

Mike K - Auburn

We live in Ohio but keep the GO BLUE alive and well wherever we go! Everytime we get up to Michigan and visit my wife's family we ALWAYS make the stop in Ann Arbor to see what's new and exciting. We bought our large Michigan GO BLUE game umbrella at MOE'S about 10-12 years ago and it has served us well! Recently the tip of it broke off not sad about it though... Because NOW we get to go to MOE'S again and get a new one!!

Henry R - Springfield, OH

Moe's was the sponsor for my first hockey team - 40 years ago...

Timothy W - Miamisburg

This was the very best place to go when I wanted to shop Michigan while in school in the 70's!

Cheryl B - Orchard Lake, MI

I bought my first Michigan shirt at Moe's when I landed on campus in 1993 for graduate school.

Sean C - Bloomington

In the 60s, I played many squash games in the IM building. The South State Moe's was my source for squash rackets and balls. In the 70s, i took up competitive running. I bought my first serious running shoes at the North University Moe's. Bud VanDeWege helped me choose the shoes. The tennis balls I bought at the Racquet Club came from Moe's. My wife and I played tennis at the Racquet Club with Bub and Henke VanDeWege.

Bruce L - Ann Arbor

Upon returning home after my daughter's birth in 2010, I wanted to get her something from one of my favorite Michigan based shops. Stopped in Moe's and bought her a bear (and picked up a mug for myself!). Go Blue!

Ronald M II - Worcester

I was 15 the first time I ever shopped at Moe's. My dad took me in there and said this is where I used to get my UofM stuff. We walked in and my dad bought me a white Michigan hat that I still have to this day. I love Moe's and wouldn't shop anywhere else. This past summer I got to take my son in there and buy him his first Michigan hat.

John H - Oxford

I moved hear to the USA from Bulgaria in 92 did not know anything about football didn't even know it existed at the time I was watching basketball on TV and it was college basketball and this team in all yellow ( Maize) was killing it and this on player (Chris Webber) was the on that stood out. so I just said to my self this is my new team I'm going to cheer for. Summer and college football had come on I did not watch, it was not some thing that I had interest in till on day in the morning I happened to put on (THE GAME) it took me all but 1 second to fall for the helmet and the Maize and Blue. at the time I didn't know that the basketball team I started to root for was the same place as my new found love for that winged helmet and maize and blue colors. then I finally put it together that the place is called Michigan and from that day on and till I die I am a wolverine GO BLUE

Ivan B - Carmichael, CA

I was an out of state freshman in 1984, did know where or what to in order to get ready for my first Michigan game. I followed a group of people to Moe's and was overwhelmed by the throngs of people like me buying Michigan shirts hats etc. It may be feel so comfortable and confident being with a large group of like minded people. Go Blue !

Mark L - New Albany

I found my favorite knit, winter Michigan hat in Moe's when I was a student in 2007. While the season didn't play out as expected, that hat kept me warm during many cold weather games for years to come. Thanks Moe's, and Go Blue!

Alex C - Ann Arbor

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania and became a diehard Wolverines fan early in life. Over the years, my fandom has continued to grow and I couldn't wait to get to Ann Arbor for my first visit. When I arrived in town, the beauty of the campus and area exceeded my expectations; Moe's was one of the first stops on my trip. Now, each time I return to campus from PA, I always make sure to stop at Moe's for new gear - it's a "must visit" spot for all campus visitors.

Ryan O - York

Having never heard of Moe's until Coach Harbaugh mentioned the store in his introductory press conference it is now my go-to place for all of Michigan gear!

Joshua C - Davison

When growing up in the 80's and 90's, Moe's was always a "requirement" of any visit to Ann Arbor - too numerous to count. Having relocated to Colorado, Moe's is sorely missed!

Chris M - Fort Collins

As a freshmen at U of M back in 2005, I didn't know much about Ann Arbor or where to buy anything. I was told to head down to State St. for some book supplies at the old Shaman Drum Bookshop, and as I was heading home with my books, I walked past Moe's and decided to stop in for a visit, see some apparel. I loved the old-town size and feel of the shop, which was a stark contrast to large retailers. Moe's was the very first Michigan apparel store I walked into on campus as a freshmen, and I've enjoyed wearing many articles of M apparel from Moe's ever since. Here's to another 100 years!

Tim F - Ann Arbor

I made my second trip to Ann Arbor in 2000. I was a senior in high school and a die hard fan of the Maize and Blue. After spending a day walking around campus, I came upon Moe's and of course had to load up on gear. I cant remember exactly how much I purchased, but the three things I remember, and still own to this day, were a Michigan basketball jersey, a block M patch that I sewed onto my gym bag and I always wanted a Michigan hockey jersey, and there on a hanger was a navy blue block M Nike jersey. I still where both jerseys and when my gym bag feel apart I took the patch off and transferred it to a new one, and have done so 4 times since then. Congrats on 100 years!!! GO BLUE!!!!

Anthony D - Hazleton, PA

Born and raised in Ann Arbor and then made my way to UM. Growing up when we wanted UM gear we would head straight to Moe's. My first Champion Reverse Weave (and the yearly purchase) came from Moe's. Now that I live 1500 miles away I still check them out at the start of every football season.

Fernando E - Austin

I grew up in Ypsilanti. As kids we would ride our bikes to Ann arbor. Our first stop was the dairy queen on Packard. After we finished our ice cream it was off to the stadium, back then the gates were always open. From there it was on to Moes to look at Michigan (stuff). If there was enough bottle money left over it was great to buy anything M. Then out to Geddes road back to prospect road to home. Don't want to give my age away but this was in the early 60's.Thanks for reading this. 500.00 is a lot of bottles.

Ted W - Walton, KY

Took our grandchildren there this summer & had a fabulous time with them picking out merchandise. They are "true" blue fans, living out of state.

Dennis S - Jackson

I truly have never been inside MOE Sports store!

Scott S - Rock Hill

I was born and raised in Northern Michigan. My education at Michigan has brought me now to live in the beautiful state of Montana. My 3 boys were born in Montana and raised as die hard Michigan fans. Every summer we return to Ann Arbor and can spend hours at Moe's sifting through their amazing selection. Leaving every time with full bags and big smiles.

Jody C - Laurel, MT

I first saw Moe's visiting Ann Arbor before starting school at U of M back in 1977. I went there frequently while getting three degrees at Michigan. Now it is one of my mandatory stops when I return to A-squared! I love Moe's! Happy Anniversary!

Ronnie S - Danville, CA

Best gift ever that was purchased from Moes was a roll of toilet paper with woodie Hayes picture on it back in late 70's when the rivalry was heated. Love Moes, it's an A2 icon!

John P - Brookfield

I bought my first Michigan jersey at Moe's! I wish I still had it. It just plain wore out!

Scott B - Holland, MI

I stumbled upon Moe's during my first visit to Ann Arbor, while in town for my college tour. It was where I got my first Michigan sweatshirt, and where I first heard "The Victors." Needless to say, it holds a special place in my heart!

Ali P - North East, PA

Back in December 1998, my apartment just outside Ypsilanti was broken into and for some reason one of the things that was stolen was my Michigan baseball cap that I had bought at Ulrich's during U-M freshman orientation in the summer of 1990. It was the kind like Bo would wear with the "skinny" M, except it was an adjustable cap, not fitted. I really liked that hat. So I looked for a replacement and found one like it someplace that wasn't Moe's, but the registered trademark circle R next to the M was maize, like the M. I tried coloring it blue with a blue marker, but it only turned green. That wasn't good. So I figured if anyplace would have the right kind of M cap, it would be Moe's and it was. They had a New Era 59/50 fitted cap in my size with the skinny M and a blue circle M that you can't even see. Since then, whenever I've needed Michigan stuff, Moe's has been my first stop. And I still have that cap — never have liked the "fat" M Michigan switched to and am glad Coach Harbaugh is bringing back the classic look.

David P - Tecumseh, MI

Even on a college budget I was able to buy Christmas gifts for family and friends. Thanks Moe's for helping us all look great in that Maize & Blue! Go Blue!

Heather Y - Ann Arbor

It was 1978, I had become a Michigan fan in about 1974. Although my Dad was also a fan, we never went to Ann Arbor for any games, instead we listened to the football & basketball games on the radio, and I have vivid memories of those games, sight unseen ! In the winter of 1978 my Dad drove us to AA, we parked "downtown" (?), but in truth we didn't know where we were. We stumbled into Moe's and I thought we had entered HEAVEN!! Navy blue & maize everywhere! There was a Michigan hoops game ON TV! There was Tommy Staton, John Johnson, and Alan Hardy on the court ! I was so happy that my dad felt he had to buy something for me, so he asked me to pick out a ball cap :):):) I wore that thing until it was in tatters.

Bobby D - Lansing

Back in the early 70's I was a gymnast at Huron High School. I used to buy my "grips" and leotards from Moe's. I loved shopping there for all things sports!

Jennifer K - Chelsea

Since I first attended Michigan, all of my Michigan clothing was purchased at Moe's. The selection has always been the best.

Annemarie R - Grosse Pointe Farms

I was born and raised in Ann Arbor on Jewett St. In the 50's, 60's and 70's. I am one of ten children. We attended St. Francis and St Thomas. I'm a huge Michigan fan and always will be even though I landed
In Columbus through my marriage. Although we didn't have much money, I remember just walking into Mor's Sport Shop and just look and admire all the cool Michigan apparel and other items. I could rarely buy but no one ever bothered me. It just made me feel so connected to to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Mich sports which I grew up to love. I'm an adult now and come into AA almost every 6-8 weeks and Moe's on Main is a frequent stop for me and I can now afford to buy those items I dreamed about when I was a kid. It's so nostalgic for me! My son was born in AA and although lives here now, is a huge Michigan fan. I've picked him up some items too and he knows that Moe's bag when he sees it. When we come in for Christmas we will make a pit stop together. It's nostalgic and a tradition I just can't shake. Go Blue and Go Moe's! Love you both!

Sally P - Columbus

I was part of the rib crew that tailgated next to the owner of moe's nice man got my first fitted hat at moe's
he was a great man and moe's is a great store

Michael N - Wayne

Moe's was my favorite place to shop for U-M gear as a student in the early 1990s. Twenty-one years later, it is still one of my favorite places to frequent during return trips to Ann Arbor or on-line shopping needs. Moe's fits the Leaders and Best!

Ted M - Lewisville, TX

I've been buying stuff from Moe's ever since I went to school there from 1969 to 1973....Last time there I got a new sweatshirt for myself and a nice windbreaker/pullover for my son.

Missy S - Kansas City

While in grad school at Ole Miss a friend and I drove up to Ann Arbor to watch Michigan play Wisconsin. The game was in November and we were not prepared at the time for how cold it was going to be. I am originally from the UP and have always been a Wolverine fan, so naturally we stopped in and I bought some great cold weather Michigan gear to wear to the game. I still have the scarf and gloves, but the jacket has not fit me in over 10 years, getting old sucks, unless you are a business that has been around for 100 years!

Jeff B - Loveland

After I graduated from college, I moved south. ( Born and raised in Michigan ). So every year after I would order my "FOOTBALL" gear from Moe's and have it shipped down here so I could be decked out in the most current gear for game day. Love Moe's and M GO BLUE !

Kris C - North Port, FL

Lived in Ann Arbor my whole life until I moved to Ohio then New York. I bought at Moe's every year when football season started they had all the great "Go Blue" gear and I continue to buy to this day still a big Michigan fan.

Gregory B - Brooktondale, NY

I won a free shirt from Moe's some years ago. It's a shirt detailing "The Kick". This is how I learned of Moe's. I always stop in when I'm visiting beautiful Ann Arbor and keep myself stocked with UofM gear to wear here in the armpit of the country, Columbus.

Greg S - Columbus, OH

I've never been to Moe's but as a die hard Michigan fan that grew up in Ohio and from a family of Columbus fans, I can't wait to visit Moe's and buy some Wolverine items for my mislead family for Christmas!

Nate S - Merrillville

Moe was the first store I walked into as a Senior in high school touring the campus. I loved the spirit and loved the presence of Moes right on campus!

Nicole V - Los Angeles

First trip to Ann Arbor and went into Moe's. It was Michigan gear heaven! And I didn't have to pay shipping!
Spent too much time there getting lost in all the maize and blue apparel, and I still have that basic gray Michigan tshirt.

Love Moe's!

Jason C - Hillsborough, NC

I went to high school in a small town in Michigan - Ann Arbor was a huge change. One thing I remember is the first few weeks trying to find my way around town - and found Moe's... I purchased a few things to decorate my dorm room, and a sticker for my car. I was, and still am, so proud to be a Wolverine!

Patty M - Petersburg

I lived in Michigan the majority of my life and shopped at Moes anytime I needed Michigan gear! Great place to shop and even though for 7 years I lived in SEC country in GA, always a MIchigan fan! My family still lives in southern Michigan and we visit often! My favorite place to shop when I get the chance!

Jane H - Raymond

Since freshman year I have gotten all my swag from Moe's. All my family loves shopping at Moe's. When they come to town they somehow end up at Moe's buying more stuff because you can never have enough. #GoBlue

Luis F - Ann Arbor, MI

I went to Moe's on my recruiting trip and bought my first Michigan sweatshirt. I committed shortly after and continue to buy from Moe's every time I need some new Michigan gear.

Jessica C - Boulder Creek


l Iived in ELans, but we had season tickets at Michigan, parked at the same private home, had our tailgate there and on to the game. The most important part of the day was a stop at Moe's and our grown son has continued all the traditions esp. Moe's !!!!!!!

Judith B - Three rivers, MI

After being dropped off in Ann Arbor to attend UM sight unseen ... I picked up my first MICHIGAN sweatshirt at Moe's. Wish I still had it (and could still fit in it) GO BLUE!!

Ben C - Annapolis, MD

Got my first "official" UM hat at Moe's years ago after going to a game with my dad... Great memories made and a great souvenir from that day!

Christian E - Edgerton, OH

I love Moe's, it oozes with history and is as maize and blue as it gets. I remember my first semester on campus heading to Moe's to with my roommate to buy things for our first gamed as students. We both had been going to games our whole lives, but it felt different to be in Moe's as U of M students knowing it would be the first of many trips. Go Blue!

Spencer C - Colorado Springs

My husband attended U Of M from 1980-1984. Every time I visited him from Kalamazoo we made a stop at Moe's to look at the plethora of Michigan items they had in stock. Still have a sweatshirt I bought from there and wear it with pride to the football games. GO BLUE!

Vicki T - Ortonville

Moe's was my favorite store growing up in Ann Arbor because it had the best sporting goods. Bud always knew just what I needed for the next season of high school sports, and would pull my size out of the neatly stacked merchandise before I knew it. We had an "account" which meant I could ride my bike to the store, get my gear, and my dad would get the bill at the end of the month. Dad trusted Bud, I depended upon him and I'll always have fond memories of the store.

Jill A - Libertyville, IL

Moe's was the place I bought my first Michigan t-shirt when I arrived on campus in 1998. And it is the place I would (and still do) frequently walk around, looking at all the things I wanted and would save up money to buy. It's also the place I bought my nieces and nephews their first Michigan gear after they were born. I love the University of Michigan, and it always makes me happy that places like Moe's stay around campus, and hopefully they'll still be around in another 100 years for my descendants to shop at as well.

Brad Q - Ann Arbor

Maize & Blue at Moe's is always more real. I bought my first years ago when I helped enroll my son, Roger. Moe's is the best and the have the most selections.


Fritz M - Jackson, MI

Moes is the best It has everything Maze and Blue.Go Blue

David C - Tariffville

When I started school at EMU, my first trip was to get a Michigan tshirt, so we visited Moe's and purchased 2,then went back to school and told everyone where to go get one!

Teresa B - Saginaw

In April, 1984, I came to Ann Arbor with my father ('51) to make a last minute college visit. I was sure that I was going to a small east coast school but just wanted to make him happy when he asked me to go. That trip late in my senior year of high school changed everything. I fell in love with the campus and changed my mind after our tour. Before we left Ann Arbor for the airport we stopped at Moes and bought Michigan sweatshirts (grey champion extra large - very in style!) My daughter is now awaiting a decision (should hear in the next month) - she has already fallen in love with Michigan - but we are waiting for official word from the admissions office before stopping at Moes!!! It's a tradition that will hopefully contine into the next generations!!!!

Julie L ('88)

Julie L - Chappaqua

Ever since I could remember me and my brothers been the biggest Michigan fans. Growing up, waking up early Saturday's to watch game day and see Lee Corso pick which team he thought would win that week was exciting. I've saw the great ones like Mike Hart, Braylon Edwards, Chad Henne, Mario Manningham, Shawn Crable, the list goes on. But when I was 7 my mom bought me my first Michigan jersey. I was so happy I wore the jersey for days. I would shower and put it right back on.

Ecka H - Saginaw, MI

I first set foot in Moe's back in the late 80's. Being a UM fan and growing up (and still living in) Ohio, I have to endure the endless wrath of ohio st. fans.. What makes it worse is that trying to find something as simple as a block M hat was like a major quest. If I was lucky enough to find one, I was usually insulted as they took my money. So a trip to Moes was always like going to Disneyland when you are first block the entrance as you stand there awe struck taking it all in....then try to decide how you can get one of everything. The internet has made it easier....but back then it was like a pilgrimage to a holy spot for me. Go Blue!

Dave K - Hudson, OH

Have been a Michigan fan since 1990. Took in my first Michigan football game in 2000, beat PennState 33-11. Bought my first real deal Michigan hat at Moe's, and still have it to this day. Go back once a year and always stop by Moe's to see what's new.

Michael G - Tucson, Az

Every time I go here, I want to buy Moe Michigan gear.

Jerry W - Ann Arbor

Started shopping at Moe's before home games in the 1970's. A must on any trip to Ann Arbor!

Bob B - Sparta, MI

I remember going to my first Michigan game a few years ago and it started to rain. So we went to Moes to buy ponchos. Thank thank you Moes for being there when we need you

Marvin M - San Diego

I remember going into Moe's as a young boy and how mesmerized I was to see all of the Michigan gear. They were my favorite team and 50 years later they still are! LETS GO BLUE!

Dave M - Ypsilanti

The first 3 of 4 sons spent their time & my money there. It started in 1995 ,premier travel soccer for an Ann Arbor team...then earning their bachelors degrees. Last of them graduated in 2012. Not to mention my siblings & my time in A2' in the 70's & 80's....oh my, iconic store.😘👍🏼

Mary M - Brooklyn

I was a student there '92-'96 and Moe's was THE place to do my favorite shopping. I loved going in the store, looking at the different shirts hung at the top of the walls and deciding which one. It's still my favorite place to do my online shopping! Go Blue!

Marissa I - Freeland

I remember buying a pair of shorts at Moe's the beginning of my freshman year. They were so awesome my best friend (a spartan) even borrowed them.

Chuck J - Adrian

Hello i love the store to death i am a die hard Michigan fan and love stopping in everytime i get a chance

Zach Z - Ludington, Mi



Used to shop at Moe's to take a break from studying back in 1982. Bought most of my Michigan paraphernalia there. Passed a pair of cool mittens on to my daughter who was at UM 2006-10, who subsequently LOST them!😖

Mary C - Dewitt, MI

I remembering walking into Moe's when I was 10 years old, surrounded by all the Michigan gear and was just in heaven. I got my first Michigan jacket from there and felt like I was the coolest kid on the block. My mom would go to Moe's when she was a student. Now when I am back in town always make sure to stop by Moe's to see whats going on, and all the new and old stuff they have. Walking into Moe's brings back so memories of my childhood.

Bobby T - Ferguson

Moe's is a must stop every time I come to Ann Arbor, the history is unmatched and supporting the local community is always great!

Bruce M - Allen Park

I got my number 16, Denard Robinson, jersey from Moe's! They always tempted me with the clothing racks outside the shop! Frequently, I couldn't resist.

Greg C - Deale, MD

I first visited Moe's in 2004 when my mom took my brother and I to our first football game--the season opener against Miami (OH). My mom had shopped for her Michigan gear as a student in the early 1970s, so it was the first shop she took us to. I bought my first Michigan hat at Moe's that day. When that hat wore out, I hung it up on the wall and bought a new one at Moe's when I was in town for freshman orientation. Today, I have five "retired" hats hanging on the wall--a few of them displaying the wear and tear of a four seasons in the Michigan Marching Band--and a Moe's hat I bought this spring ready to go whenever I leave the house. For me, Moe's *is* Michigan. Here's to another 100 years!

Brian I - Ann Arbor

Moe sports shop has became a staple every time we visit Ann Arbor for a game, we have to stop there, especially for the vintage gear that I have come accustomed to. What I remember best is as a child, at the age of 5, coming to my first Michigan game and my uncle bring me to the shop after the game, I fell in love with Michigan as well as Moe than. Thanks

Ali B - Clawson

Every summer I go back to Michigan to see family and friends. And every year I drive to Ann Arbor to reminisce and shop at Moe's :-)

Janet L - Atlanta

I remember the first time I entered the door's of Moe's, was almost 4 decades ago in 1978. My best friends dad had a extra ticket for the ND game, and he introduced me to Moe's! I was like a kid in the candy store! I had never been in a store that was dedicated exclusively to Michigan merchandise! I was literally in awe! I walked over to the shrine of all the Michigan players photo's and was amazed. There was Calvin O'Neal, Gordie Bell, and my favorite Michigan player of all time from my hometown Rick Leach! If not for time restrictions, I would probably have stayed there to the doors were locked! Still after all these years, I make it a point to stop at Moe's with my children whenever we attend a Michigan game! My grandson is now 5 years old, and I plan on bringing him soon! I will be attending the OSU game, and another trip to Moe's! Congratulations on a 100 years Moe's!! GO BLUE!!

Duncan M - Flint

I grew up in Brighton and my dad was a U of Michigan Alum. He used to take us to football games growing up. He would go to Moe's and make sure he had Michigan shirts/sweatshirts and to make sure we were in the maze and blue! After I went to college at CMU, and later married, my husband and I would go to Ann Arbor to Moe's to buy our University of MIchigan colors! My son, also a CMU graduate, is with his girlfriend of 4 years and she is from Chelsea, MI. Her dad is also a U of M alumni! Going to Moe's and U of M football games is a family tradition! Now, it is continuing with my son and his family. From my dad, to me, and on to my son, who is 23, soon to become tradition in his family!

Barb C - Swartz Creek, MI


Bought my very 1st Michigan t-shirt at Moe's in 1984, still stop in there every time i'm back in town, LOVE MOE'S!!! and.....GO BLUE!!!

Ron S - Nashville, TN

Moe's reminds me of being a kid, and walking around town with my Dad. We would spend the whole day, visiting the small shops near the Diag and downtown, eat lunch at my favorite restaurant, and then either go to a game or go somewhere that we could watch the game. It was our tradition. We would always stop at Moe's while making our rounds. I would be so excited about whatever game Michigan was playing, it was a "have to" stop. I didn't always get to buy something, although I always found plenty of things that I wanted, but it was part of our Ann Arbor tradition. About the time that I hit high school age, my Dad moved away from Ann Arbor; I have since started a family and moved to Northern Ohio for work. I get back to Ann Arbor as often as possible. It's still my favorite place to be. So, when I see that Moe's sign, I am reminded of years of great memories, years of how it has been a part of my family, and hope to bring my children there to continue the tradition. Go Blue!

Mike K - Olmsted Falls, OH

My wife is a U.of M. grad. and I'm true Blue. Every time we come back to Michigan it is time to renew all of our T-shirts,sweaters,jackets and anything else that we can buy. We enjoy going to Moe's in Ann Arbor all the employees are always so cheerful and always ask us why we come all the way from California just to shop there, it is just in our blood to stop at Moe's.

Lynn S - Hemet, CA

Just about two weeks ago or so, my wife and I were looking for parking around campus. As all of us know around Ann Arbor, campus is always a mad house. Of course while we are looking for parking i realized i did not have any change for the meter! Holy cow! So i asked my wife to drop me off and i would go and find us some change. After being turned down shop after shop, i ran into Moe's! A couple of guys were working and asked if i needed help. I explained the situation and without thinking twice the employee said he would help me. When i came up to the counter, i felt bad for not buying anything. So i asked if they had any pens i could purchase in order to justify the exchange. So the employee suggested a Michigan rubber bracelet. I bought it and they gave me $2 in change. Man talk about helping a guy out! I still wear the rubber bracelet because it says 'Wolverines for Life! That certainly was the case, Wolverines helping out a fellow wolverine. I think in all my years in Ann Arbor, this has always been the case at Moe's. In my 12 years of residency Moe's has always treated me with respect and integrity. There are many reasons Moe's has been around for 100 yrs! They are always eager to help out one of their own. This is why I come back! Thank u guys for your help!

Rudy A - Ann Arbor

I got all of my UofM sweat shirts here as a student, still have all of them and wear them on game days 💛💙

Rachel B - Chicago

I just love shopping at Moe's for all my Michigan gear! Now my niece and nephew both play in the Michigan Marching Band! I get back to Michigan every summer and update my wardrobe with Maize & Blue at Moe's.

Nancy H - Wolf Point, MT

I have been into Moe's only a handful of times my entire life. I usually just look around at all the history of the place. Look at the new merchandise and want everything in the store. I am a big Michigan fan and when I make it to downtown Ann Arbor, I need to at least stop by Moe's and either look around or get a new shirt.
I brought my 2 yr old son in a couple weeks ago on a Thursday before the Michigan vs Little Brother game. It was his first time there. He was dressed in his khakis, Michigan shirt and his favorite Michigan hat. Yes he looked like a mini Harbaugh. People in the store was taking snap chats and pics of him. He loved the attention. The college aged guy working was cracking up when he was running around the store looking at all the cloths and the footballs. We ended up buying his first number 4 jersey. He took his shirt off outside the store and put it on. Thank you so much for making a memory with my future Wolverine, can not wait for more.

Jarad S - Hanover

In the fall of 1998, my first on campus, I remember walking as much as I could to get the lay of the land and learn my way around. There were plenty of places to buy Michigan gear but I distinctly recall stepping in Moe's for the first time. It smelled like tradition and pride. I don't get back to campus nearly enough, but when I do, Moe's is always on the list and it still smells the same.

Nathan P - Lakeland, FL

My buddy Chuck and I used to attend one game a year together with his season tickets. One Saturday was a Maize Out and we decided to stop at Moe's and buy matching Maize sweatshirts! A few years ago Chuck passed away of a massive heart attack, he was 41. When cleaning out his house with his parents, they gave me his sweatshirt. I wear them both regularly in support of my school and in honor of Chuck!!

Thanks for the memories Moe's!!

Jeff S - Farmington Hills

while driving thru ann arbor one day , i stopped at a restaurant. i asked the server where i could get some good quality michigan clothing. he told me about moe's and they didn't disappoint. bought a great jacket, and a couple of pullovers.

Len B -  Grand Rapids

My son was premature and was sent down to U of M hospital. They saved his life. So I have been hooked ever since. His going home outfit was Michigan swag!!! Full gear!!!

Heidi M - Williamsburg

Bought my son shirts there when he was going to Michigan and still come in to shop!

Barbara D - Brooklyn

My father was talented and fortunate enough to play football for the great University, THE University of Michigan. To this day he is still a season ticket holder and my family travels all the way from South Florida to go to at least one game each season. My nickname is Moe so I can remember my excitement the very first time I passed by the big blue awning my "my name" written in yellow! Every year I stop in to buy my latest UM gear and this year will be no different when I'm in town for our victory over OS-Who? See you all in late November - GO BLUE and GO MOE! Cheers to 100 more years :)

Melissa G-H - Pembroke Pines, FL

My first experience with Moe's was when I visited AA for the first time, as a high school senior, making the rounds of the various schools I was considering. After touring the UM campus, my folks and I explored the town and wandered in there. I had pretty much decided UM was where I wanted to go and I walked out of Moe's with a football jersey & a tee shirt. The following year, when I enrolled as a freshman, I got my first Michigan sweatshirt there...I still have it, but it's got a lot of holes in it!

Jon H - Millburn, NJ

Even when you no longer live within driving distance of a store, how can you forget about Moe's?! Heck even during Coach Jim Harbaugh's introductory press comference he shouted out Moe's because no one forgets where they got their first Michigan gear, I know I never will. I tend to wear Michigan apparel every minute that I'm not in my work clothes. When you have this much need for diversity within your wardrobe that consist of just wearing Michigan apparel you need Moe's huge selection to provide you with many different Michigan options. And since I can never have enough options, no store other than Moe's (not the other Michigan apparel provider) stocks more new and updated apparel throughout the year. So in turn, I don't always wear Michigan clothes, but when I do I wear Michigan clothes from Moe's.

Adam H - Houston, Texas

My first memorable trip to Moe's was with my brother and friend who helped me purchase my new shoes for the Michigan Marching Band in 1984. There was no other place to get the appropriate and require gear! Almost every year since I've found some other required gear at Moe's for enhancing life!

Anne G. S - Westlake, Ohio

My grandfather was a sports writer in Detroit for over 50 years. Every home game, my dad, grandpa, and I would go to find a new matching item for us to wear! Happened ever week for as long as we had our season tickets .

Mia S - Burlington, VT

I had moved to Maine and was in need of UM gear. I found a cool T-shirt on Moe's website. It was hard to find a good selection of UM wear in Maine, but Moe's exceeded my expectations!

Alex P - Shelby Township

Bought my very first Michigan jersey from Moes many years ago! Still have it to this day!

Max J - Los Angeles

Since our last name is Moberg,I'll let you guess what our nickname is. That's right Moe .My parents were Mr. an Mrs. Moe and all 5 boys were all nicknamed Moe . We all are big Michigan fans and everytime one of us gets a chance to go to a game ,we stop at Moe's. In fact when my younger brother passed away he insisted that everyone at his funeral wear a Michigan shirt. He had one on and had a M flag draped over his casket. His ashes now sit in an urn painted maize and blue with a M on it.

Joe M - Rapid River

1972 my buddy Dave & I used to buy tickets from his friend who had stadium security / traffic control once in a while !! Bought my first t-shirt & hat @ Moe's !! stores up North didn't carry any college stuff......... no internet, no connections, ESPN hadn't even started televising !!! It was tuff !!

Tom B - Manistee

Loved shopping there during Art Fair time!

Shari M - Scottsdale

Freshman year of college I correctly guessed the score of a football game and won a Moes gift card. I've been going back ever since.

Eliot G - Philadelphia

I was a Freshman and did not have much michigan gear. I had never been to a college or pro football game. I didn't know much about the Michigan tradition yet. We were walking to the home opener and I wasn't wearing Maize and Blue. We passed Moe's and my dorm mates pushed me in the door and said, "this is where you get all your Michigan clothes". I walked out with my Maize and Blue and went into the Big House to watch the season opener with Jim Harbaugh at QB. I have been buying my gear there from that day on from Moe's - a true tradition of University of Michigan!
Go Blue !!

Mark D - long beach, NY

The first time I entered Moe's, the Internet was only accessible by dial-up modem. Moe's was my secret place to pickup all the unique UofM gear. This is a tradition I've passed down to my children. My boys love hitting up Moe's when we head to Ann Arbor. It's basically a requirement. I love being able to share something special with my kids, knowing this is something they will pass down to theirs. Thank you Moe's.

Martin B - Newport

Absolutely outstanding merchant, so full of history and as a University of Alabama graduate as well as a life-long Tuscaloosa, Alabama resident (but currently an Ann Arbor resident & loving it) I can say that Moe Sports Shops is the quintessential collegiate wear merchant, and that should mean something considering in Tuscaloosa we have some outstanding UofA shops, but nothing like Moe's.

Landon F - Ann Arbor

Visiting Michigan when I was younger, stopped in at Moe's for a breath taking experience/visit that has lasted a life time of memories.

Jim M - Fort Wayne

Crew up a Michigan fan even though my Dad was in the military. Both my parents were huge fans. When I got accepted to go to school I remember going into Moe's my first week on campus and being overwhelmed because I had never seen that much Michigan gear in one place. I was like a kid in a candy store. Try to go whenever I'm back in town.

Chad A - Spring Lake, MI

I bought my Son his first Michigan shirt from Moe's and will never forget it

Dustin M - Battle Creek

Game day simply is not complete without a trip to Moe's! The memories inside the icon of Michigan's campus are far too great to have only one but my favorite was when I took my first child to their first game on October 7, 2006. We were taking on "Sparty" that day and I was going to make certain everyone knew which side of this rivalry my child would love her entire life, so, prior to the game we hit Moe's to outfit her in her first ever Michigan Cheerleader outfit. When her mom put it on her I knelt down beside her to tell her she was my favorite Michigan fan but before I could get the words out (I'll admit, I was a little choked up) she said, "We're Michigan fans aren't we daddy"! With those words she said everything that every Michigan fan feels about Moe's. We all feel it in our Maize and Blue hearts but Moe's helps us tell it to the world. Go Blue and Go Moe's!

Bart J - Marysville

Growing up in Southern Illinois, I starting liking Michigan football and basketball early on in my life because I had an aunt that live in Michigan. I first visited Moe's in the Summer of 1997. I was visiting UM for the first time as a 15 year-old that wanted to go to the University of Michigan for college. I will never forget getting my #12 authentic nike football jersey at the store that day. I had a navy jersey, but to add a road jersey, it made my trip. I would wear that jersey the next year while I attended my first-ever Michigan football game on Oct. 3, 1998 in a 12-9 at Iowa. While I didn't end up going to UM for college, I have remained loyal to Michigan as a fan, traveling to 31 football games home and road. I end up making it to the Big House every other year it is always nice to remember that first trip to Moe's. It is always amazing to go to a store dedicated solely to Michigan apparel.

Chris B - Edwardsville, IL

As a wolverine graduate, Moe is a special store to me. It was the store where I bought my first Michigan apparel during college visit and the alumni license frame when I graduate. Go Blue!

W Kim - Amsterdam

Having been born and raised in Ann Arbor, I've been a Michigan fan for as long as I can remember. Whenever I step into Moe's, whether it be during the Art Fair or on a crisp, fall day, it feels like I'm transported back to the Bo days. Now that I attend school at UM, I share the Moe's tradition with my new friends. I hope they experience that feeling too.

Emily D - Ann Arbor, MI

My first ever Michigan game was in November 2011 - it was ohio state in Ann Arbor...and WE WON!!! Can't get much better than that! Purchased my first Michigan shirt/sweatshirt there. Special, special memories. Go BLUE!!

Misty K - Belgrade, MT

I was born and raised in Ann Arbor. Its culture runs in my blood. Now that I live in Los Angeles, I miss Ann Arbor everyday. So when I go home even for a weekend, the number one on my to-do list is to go to Moe's! When I leave the store, I leave with at least four to five bags full of gear because I want to support not just the local business, but the greatest university in the world. Moe's is and will forever will be a huge part of my life, and I couldn't represent the Wolverines out here without them!

John B - Los Angeles, CA

Lifelong Michigan fan but never made it to Ann Arbor growing up. Last year y fiancé bought homecoming tickets and we drove home (she's a '92 alum). Got into town and bought my Michigan t-shirt at Moe's followed by win over Indiana. Best weekend!!!!!

Aaron S - Potomac, MD

My father would take me to Moe's back in the early 1970's and I would get to pick 5 item's he made sure 2 would be M t-shirt's to represent the BLUE!!! I was 10 and we would hang around town to watch the student's getting excited because it was a home game sat. He introduced me to Shakey Jake, I have repeated that same experience as often as I can and stop at moe's. In 1986 I WAS WORKING FOR NEW York carpets and they gave me the job to install the carpet at MOE'S. all those memories came flowing back. MOE'S=UM AND GREAT MEMORIES.

Bobby S - Boyne City, MI

Back in the late 70s when I was a student I used to get the Champion T-shirt and sweatshirts at Moe's. The reverse weave sweatshirts and double weight Tees were best and lasted forever. Always stopped by for a peak at what was new when up on North U. The Van De Wege family and Moe's are part of UM's history.

Randy T - Bucharest & Chicago

In 2010, when I was a freshmen in high school I went to Band-O-Rama (UofM concert band, symphony band, and marching band performances) for the first time. Immediately following a phenomenal concert, my friends and I stumbled into Moe's which is where I purchased my first Michigan t-shirt. I continued to go to Band-O-Rama every year, and each time I wore my t-shirt from Moe's. Now it's 2015, I'm in the Michigan Marching Band, and from time to time, you'll still find me wearing that well loved t-shirt under my uniform.

Brittany S - Ann Arbor

I bought a sweatshirt at Moe's and also won two free football tickets a few years back from them on Facebook.

Jeff S - Whitehouse, Ohio

I was a student at U of M Dearborn in the early 80's.My friends and I all found sweatshirts we liked at Moe's . We formed a sorority TKB (tap a keg of beer) I had that sweatshirt for a long time and wish they still made it.

Mary T - Dearborn

After graduation in 1987, my job took me out of state. However, each and every time I come back to Ann Arbor to "refresh" my M wardrobe, Moe's is the first stop. And now my two children know that they will score new Michigan garb when we trek to Ann Arbor every year. Go Blue!

Brian J - Chicago, IL

I have been going to Michigan football since I was 8 years old with my Mom & Dad. I remember going to the 1969 Michigan vs Ohio State game when I was 10. I still have one of my Dad's old fitted hats that he purchased from Moe's. That was the only place to buy your authentic Michgan apparel. My oldest daughter still has one of my very old tee shirt thats my mom bought for me at Moe's. #44 depart of athletics tee shirts, it is her favorite and that thing must be 40 years old. My wife joined us in going back in 1982. We were married in 1984 so our first Christmas as a married couple was coming up and my wife wanted to make sure we got the perfect gift for my parents. Moe's had a metal fold up picnic table in Michigan colors. These metal tables had just came out and Moe's was one of the first places to have them. You couldn't buy them anywhere else. The cheap plastic fold up tables weren't even being made yet. My wife Linda and I saw this and knew right away this would be the perfect gift for my parents who loved tailgating. We have season tickets so we taillgated every Saturday home game with my parents and always had our tailgate lunch so this fold up picnic table would be PERFECT. This was the perfect gift for my parents for our first Christmas as a married couple back in 1984. So we bought it. Now this table was metal and very very well constructed. This table was made to last and was very very heavy. Although we were young we parked in the parking structure at the center of Ann Arbor and were walking around town. Now we had to carry this table all the way back to the car. I thought, no problem I am young and besides it had a handle. Because this table was so heavy it seemed like it took us forever to get back to the car. We still have the table today and use it for tailgating. I will never part with the table. We had many many years of tailgating with my parents, family and friends. This table can tell stories of many tailgate parties on the golf couse and many years of parking at Pioneer HS. This table has seen game after game, both home and away games. My parents have long since pasted away and the table continues. We still are using it for tailgating. It will be with my wife and I once again as we travel to Indiana in a couple weeks for the Michigan and Indiana game. I am sure this metal folding table will see many games with our kids as they will be able to tell our grandchildern about how Gama and Papa bought this table for Great Grandma and Papa back in 1984, carried it through Ann Arbor for the Perfect Christmas Gift for Frank & Dolores Stranzl who were amazing parents, grandparent, and Maize n Blue Fans forever, Thank you Moe's for these memories we still visit Moe's to purchase our many Michgan items.

Frank S - Boscobel

I love Moe's and can't wait for the art fair deals every year.

Bethane T - Chelsea

I was a grad student at UM starting in 1978. Moe's was the first UM store I visited. I bought matching T-shirts for myself and my wife. We have been season ticket holders since 1981, and have been frequent visitors to Moe's over the years. Congratulations on 100 years! May you have 100 more GO BLUE!

Glen A - Lansing

I attended Michigan in the mid-late 80s and was in the Michigan Marching Band. I can remember stopping in Moe's often and that the shirt I wore under my uniform the first time out of the tunnel was from Moe's! Years later, after my husband and I had graduated and moved to SC, we came up for a Michigan game and again stopped in Moe's. There we bought maize and blue "Slippery Rock" shirts. We live by Clemson and knew Michigan was playing them that year in the Big Ten-ACC challenge so we proudly wore these knowing only true Michigan fans would "get it". Thanks Moe's for not only great merchandise over the years, but also for being part of our special Michigan memories!

L R - Seneca, SC

I'm a lifetime Michigan fan. Grew up hearing & watching the game with my dad & brothers at home. Went to school in Ann Arbor (Concordia ) but never had the finances to go shopping or even to a game. A few years back I finally went to UofM game (vs Penn St) but bought my shirt thru M Den. Now I know otherwise. Moes is the place!

Kristi D - St. Petersburg

Every time I came to Ann Arbor to visit my children that were students there, I had to visit Moe's. I loved the history, the pictures, and everything else about Moe's. I still have to stop by when in town, even if I'm not in the market for the place.

John M - Flushing

I would go to Moe's and then Drake's with my Dad before games as a kid. Now I take my kids.

Dave D - Oak Park, IL

My first Moe's clothing was a Michigan t-shirt bought for me for my high school graduation party. Arriving in Ann Arbor, there was no better one-two punch than Moe's and Drake's. Now that my kids are there, the next generation knows where to go for their gear! Even better for them: Dad is buying!

Ric S - Midland, MI

I'm a letter winner and met a fellow letter winner from nearly 80 years ago in the store once. His letter was on a sweater not the typical jacket like current. Had an awesome conversation with him and told me he'd been coming there since he was in school.

Tim B - Richmond

My brother Leon, worked at your store in the early 80's. He loved playing tennis and loved working for the "Moe" family. I have fond memories of his times there. Thank you for being such a great place for my brother to be a part of.

Gina  - Royal Oak

We moved to Ohio from Muskegon when I was very young. Growing up in Ohio and being raised as a Wolverine was tough at times. I remember the first time I went to Ann Arbor. The campus was amazing and it was nice to be around all these Michigan fans. I remember walking around the first store we went into was Moes. I must have dropped most of the cash I had with me in that store. I purchased t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and shorts and so on. I went crazy buying Michigan stuff it was overwhelming. You just don't see that much Michigan merchandise in Ohio and I was in heaven. It was an experience I will never forget and to this day when I make it up to Ann Arbor the first store I go to is and always will be Moes.

Jason F - Canton, Ohio

Every time I go to AA I stop at Moe's to see what new unique shirts they have. I seem to have collected most of them I love Moe's it's just a experience you have to get when your in AA.

Joseph L - Melvindale

It was a Stop Drop and Roll. Stopped at AA to Drop my daughter off for a UofM Nursing Degree and Rolled into Moe's for some gear. Moe had some good prices, can't say so much for the four years of "full tuition" from the school

Gwyn L - Sturgis

Still have my first champion sweatshirt that was bought at Moe's.... And then I started working there in 1996 just in time to enjoy a Rosebowl win and a National Championship. Working for the Van De Wege's was a great time, from art fair to holiday mail orders it was always a blast! Go Blue!

Lisa H - Ypsilanti

Everytime we go to Ann Arbor for a game, we always stop at Moe's first for some new, unique gear. Go Blue!

Michael N - Grand Rapids

I was freshman (from Hawaii) enrolled at the U.M. in LSA as a math major in 1957. I signed up for "Tennis" in P.E. and had a buy a tennis racquet.

Of course, the place to buy sports equipment was Moe's Sport Shop. I bought a Wilson tennis racquet, along with a wooden frame holder & green cover. Thanks to the tennis racquet, I got a "B" in PE. Physical Education was required but didn't count toward the grade point average or semester hours. As you may surmise, I was not a great PE student. I kept the racquet, holder and cover until 1996 for sentimental reasons.

When I was ready to move away from Ann Arbor, I gave the old tennis racquet to Moe's for old times sake. Moe's thought they may use my old tennis racquet for a display of old vs new racquets.

Moe's is a true tradition in Ann Arbor and is part of all that is wonderful at the University of Michigan. Thanks for the memories.

Congratulations on your 100th Anniversary.

Naomi C - Fremont, CA

I teach special needs children who all know I'm a Michigan fan. Every football Friday, I hang a Michigan flag in the doorway in my classroom for everyone to touch for good luck. It came from Moe's in Ann Arbor!

Shari M - Scottsdale, AZ

My theory is that one cannot have too much Michigan gear- in life. Each year-I order new gear from my favorite place- moe's - so I can represent in thisacc/sec state where people just don't get it!

Laura L - Atlanta


It is where I got my first U of M shirt!

David M - Grosse Pointe Woods

When I came up for my very first game in September of 99, my friends said you HAVE to go to Moe's. It was one of my favorite places instantly. The best part was bringing my son 1 day shy of ten years exactly for his first game. The first stop we made was Moe's. To me it's just a part of the tradition that is Michigan. Thanks Moe's for 100 years!

Dustin S - Pittsburgh

My first Michigan shirt was bought at Moe's many years ago. Didn't make it up there yet this year, was hoping to get there before today.....which is my birthday. Was hoping for a Michigan win today to celebrate, but am still a "True Michigan Fan"!! Will be at Moes soon to update my Michigan attire closet!! Best selection anywhere!!

Pat G - Perrysburg

I went to Michigan in the 80's. Grabbing a bite to eat at Drake's then shopping at Moe's was a weekly ritual. It was like going back in time and it always felt like what college should be like in an ideal world. Now that I have 4 kids of my own, I always take them to Moe's and they love it!

Demetrio T - Troy

We went to Moes every trip to Ann Arbor growing up. I lived in Columbus, so this was my only chance to get Michigan gear to wear back home. Go Blue!

Richard P - Cincinnati

Great place to find memorabilia you can't find anyplace else.

Wesley W - Petersburg

Bud hired me in 1987 to work the entire summer, I was 14. I worked until my senior year in high school. The excitement on game day was always my favorite days to work. Cleaning and reorganizing the basement was the worst.

Tonie R - North Potomac, MD

I am born and raised in West Michigan, but have always bled maize and blue. I've been a rabid sports fan since I can remember. I would sit and listen to games on the radio as early as 6 years old. What child does that? Ha. Anyway, my love for Michigan goes Deep and whenever I come to Ann Arbor I love to stop into Moe's!

Jeff S


Moe's always has the best selection and competitive pricing. GO BLUE! GO MOE'S!


I've actually never been able to shop at ur store due to the fact im 200+ miles away, but my family and myself love the gear you offer and purchase some from time to time. Please pick me for this contest. it would help tremendously with Christmas right around the corner. VICTORS VALIANT! GO BLUE!!!

Jalen R - Washington Court House, OH

I have ran into so many good people through the years at Moe's and some players. But the best thing is the great staff, always courteous and considerate.

John B - Port Huron


When I was at Michigan, i used to walk through Moe's almost every day. I got my favorite hat my freshman year in '97 and wore it then entire season. I found it this year while digging through some old boxes and started wearing it again this season. Maybe it's my favorite old hat that's helped bring the magic back this season?

Peter B - Portage, IN

As a freshman, I remember going into MOE'S during the first week I was there. What struck me was the amount of merchandise I could choose from! I remember being greeted warmly and leaving with my first Michigan baseball cap. MOE'S has definitely been a constant for students to pick up whatever maize and blue item they need. MOE'S definitely outfits any Michigan Wolverine proudly! GO BLUE!

Linna S - Elkhart, IN

Was so excited to buy my very first "Bo style" cap at Moe's on my first trip to campus for a game as a kid. Have made many purchases since, especially during my years at school there in the late 80's. Keep up the good work! Congratulations and Go Blue!

Steve F - Grand Rapids, MI


Having grown up around Michigan football my entire life, I was indoctrinated many years ago into the great culture of Michigan. My fondest memory of goes to Moe Sports Shop was just a few years ago. My wife, then fiancée, were in Ann Arbor for an engagement photo shoot. After the shoot we hung around Ann Arbor for a bit and inevitably ended up in the Diag. We made our ways to Moe's and had a great time in the store. I look forward to Moe Sports Shop every time I return to Ann Arbor. Go Blue!

Steven R - Hastings

Before I'd had my first chance to visit the famed More, I discovered the Facebook page. I entered an online contest that day, and won a Michigan home jersey. After setting foot in the store on University, I fell in love, and now, there is no other place I'd rather shop, whether online or in-store, when I'm in the market for new Wolverine gear.

Todd M - Middletown, OH

Moe's was the place to go when I arrived on campus in 1973. Great items, great prices then and now.

James A - Manchester, MI

I first walked into Moes when I was attending my first Michigan game vs Minnesota. I asked my dad if we can buy some clothes and that's when I realized the heaven of Michigan sports clothing that is Moes!

Ben S - Youngstown, OH


I am from Costa Rica, my family lives in Michigan. Moe is the first shop I met in Ann Arbor, I thought it was a wonderful, very typical. Every time I visit Michigan, I religiously buy something in Moe's...Happy 100 years Moe Sport!

Carlos S - Costa Rica, Central America

I remember the 1st time I stepped into Moe's and was simply in awe of the store's look and selection of Michigan apparel. Every time I visit downtown Ann Arbor I always stop at Moe's. Thanks for a great 100yrs!!! GO BLUE!!!

Scott Johnson - Monroe, MI

We always stop at Moes when we are in town for a game. I love the old school feel of the store and all of the different items that you can't find elsewhere. I have had nothing but great service every time, whether it's in store or purchasing something online. Here's to another 100 years.

Justin Z - Mansfield, MI

I bought my kids their first Michigan shirts from Moes!!

Tyson H - Caledonia

One of my favorite photos is of my sis and me when we were about 5 and 6 back in the early 1950's proudly wearing our Michigan tees that my grandmother bought for us at Moes. My mom would bribe me with a trip to Moes if I uncomplainingly went to Goodyears with her. Great memories. See you next trip.

Jessica B - Nevada City, CA

On my first visit to Ann Arbor in June 1990, I stopped into Moe's and thought it was amazing. I bought my first piece of Michigan gear there, a U-M baseball t-shirt. I stopped in there regularly as a student, most of the time just to browse but plenty of times to buy. Every time I walked in there it was a thrill.

Chad S - Freehold, NJ

I remember studying the Michigan Athlete Polaroids as a kid. 

Greg B - Ann Arbor

I have always stopped at Moe's when I am walking around that part of Ann Arbor and browse to check out what new merchandise is on display. You can feel the history of Moe's as soon as you enter the store. I am so very glad that the interior of the store has not changed so new customers can come in and see the history of Michigan sports by looking at the pictures that are throughout the store. I never get tired of looking at those pictures. Maybe during one of my visits Coach Harbaugh will be there!

Denise P - Ann Arbor

Back in the days of Bo, my husband, Buzz, had to have the full wool sized cap with the M on the front, just like coach. Before he could go to the games every year, we always made the trip in August to get his new hat for that season, thankfully we had season tickets. We gave our tickets up in 2014 as he was ill with cancer and I lost him in January. He was buried in his Michigan Golf Shirt and one of his M caps from Moe's. Great memories. Thank You for letting me tell our story. Go Blue!!

Kyle Ann S - Jackson, MI

I got a job as an Michigan student at Moe, at the time not realizing what a gem it was, and to say I'm thankful is an understatement. My first week at work, Buddy the owner gave me $20 and said, "Go get lunch," and it was the first of many acts of selflessness that taught me how a "boss" should treat people. It made carrying those giant boxes of hoodies up and down the stairs a little easier and a little more satisfying. To this day I'm changed - as a man, a husband, a father, and a worker - because of how he treated me. There aren't many stores or "brands" I would say this about, but I will forever be loyal to Moe because of my experiences there in college. Go blue!

Joe Z - Leonard, MI

I started working there in 1989 while I was a sophomore at Pioneer High School. Deb Bishop was the manager, and I used to walk over to Chrysler and take the UMich blue bus up to campus after school one day a week. I would also work Football Saturdays (home games to non-Moe's people) which were absolutely insane. The store was packed wall to wall until the game started and then again after it was over. We would be throwing shirts across the store to each other as we couldn't even walk around it was so busy. I worked there all through college, including working in the back with Bud Sr and Bud Jr doing A/P and A/R for them after I graduated for a bit until I moved away in 1996.

The students who worked there became a family - we would do things outside of work all the time - it was an amazing experience, and facilitated by the very family oriented environment Bud and Buddy gave us. 

I now work on campus again, and every time I walk by, I take a deep breath as I go by, and smell the same smell from all the woodwork inside, and it takes me back for a minute...

Katie K - Dexter, MI

Back in 1958, when I was at Angell School, we were required to go get our gym uniforms at Moe's!

Mary S - Duxbury, MA

Worked at Moe's for two years (1994-1996) and it was one of the highlights of my UM experience. Made lifelong friends! We loved listening to music while working and nothing was better than when Buddy blasted some Springsteen!! Of course when not playing Hail to the Victors:) loved every minute!

Tina B - Pleasantville, NY

I worked at Moe's from 1996-1997 while I earned my Master's degree at Michigan. Our staff at Moe's had so much fun working together, especially when we cranked up the music in the store. I remember some of the interesting people we met while we were "working." Dan Dierdorf came in and let us try on his Superbowl ring. Huggy Bear from the tv show, Starsky and Hutch, came in when his son was on a recruiting trip to Michigan. Football Saturdays though at Moe's can't be beat. Especially, when the t-shirts started flying through the air over customers' heads to the cash register. Good times. I love Moe's.

Frank N - Farmington Hills, MI

I bought my swim team Speedos there back in the day at Moe's for about $7! 

John G - Ann Arbor